Write your Journey to Wealth Health!!!

Welcome to my Journey to Wealth and Health…and Financial Independence!!!

Doesn’t everyone want to be Wealthy and Healthy? To be honest, I don’t care about being wealthy. However, I do want to live comfortably and free of stress due to finances.

I’m not really ready to launch this site, but I know how easy it is to put things off. Recently, I heard someone say that if you have an idea then there is nothing better that you can do than to put it your Journey out there in the universe publicly. So here I am. This is it! Time to build wealth and improve health!

This blog is meant to share my journey towards Wealth and Health and eventually to become Financially Independent. Hopefully I learn from you too! I want to gain wealth so that I can show my children how it can be done from a young age so that they can be second generation Financially Independent. More importantly, I want to be healthy so that I can be there for them as long as possible and enjoy life with them. I want my legacy to be about helping people reach their goals and be happy.

I feel that the Wealth and Health journeys are two areas that most people want to improve in their lives but don’t know where to start. Guess what? I have been there too. In fact, I am not that far removed from being there. I am only days, weeks and months from starting MY journey I and am continuing to learn. It is my hope that I can present to you some ideas that are new to you and I hope that you can do the same for me.

I have never been a blogger, or even much of a writer to be quite honest. So bear with me as I learn how to share what I find in the best way possible and remember that this is a work in progress for me as well as you. Going forward I will share my past, my goals and where my journey is heading. I will link to articles that helped me and hopefully help you think about things a little differently. So…Here we go. Join me on thisĀ Journey!

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